Abalone Season

Abalone season opens April 1st and we have good news! We are offering Abalone charter on our large ridged hull inflatable to Marin Coast diving locations.The boat will leave from Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco and return back with your catch of Abalone before dinner time.

If you are a abalone diver you know what it takes to get abalone on the table. On a average dive trip day you would leave home in the wee hours of the morning and drive an average of three hours .You will then have to find your location and then squeeze into your rubber suit and scale down a cliff. After this you will begin to enjoy abalone diving, swimming out to the rocks where you hope to find what you are looking for and at last!….Abalone! Then if you are lucky, you get to swim to the shore with your three abalone. Then you scale your way back up the cliff carrying your catch.Then get out of your rubber suit jump back in the car and drive home. WOW!! that is a long day!

What we are offering is much less painful.

Come to Fishermen s Wharf. Load your gear on our boat and then take the one hour scenic ride under the Golden Gate Bridge and then out along the Marin coast line to the dive sites that we have found abalone at in the past.You will jump from our boat into the water and then get to really enjoy your dive. After finding your catch you will climb back into the boat and be delivered back to Fishermen s Wharf in time for Dinner.

Call for Reservations. We will be offering trips starting in April.707-225-7050

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