Romantic Charter

On Saturday we got a call from a couple that wanted a romantic adventure charter for their 20th anniversary. After looking over the boats and packages that we had to offer they chose our fast inflatable,Tango.
We started the adventure boarding at Fisherman Wharf in San Francisco.
As we started our cruse the couple toasted with champagne and we made our way out to the Golden Gate Bridge.The weather was prefect, just enough clouds for a spectacular sunset! After enjoying the sunset from under the Golden Gate we cruised the Marin coastline until we arrived at our dinner location in Sausalito Horizons Restaurant. We moored the boat at their guest dock and the happy couple went inside for a romantic dinner. Horizons has a spectacular view of the San Francisco Bay and the City. The view of the city at night is something to see!





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  1. Matti welsh says:

    Tam high class of 83
    Wanted to go abing in April! Any spots left ?

  2. admin says:

    Thank you. yes when i find time I write my own articals.Let me know if you need help elaborating

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